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# Example running tests on Shippable CI
# Official Cypress CI documentation at
# see Shippable documentation at
# set environment variable CYPRESS_RECORD_KEY to allow recording test artifacts
# on Cypress dashboard
# the record key should be secret, thus it is encrypted
- secure: BVEpGDVa62Pc2fJzblIbkUifF207qfQMMial+KYkp0KlcVtF/WT12jFQ6N6fNGQSZc8op2E+K/OnTFI3Lo6NueD85wHy6PZiHTgrAzFjCZpMksyY7Pu/n7SKQk1yVS9rTNqtdTdRoXGTDX3DgVErBYeTYv7/uyH5sL4/HiS7Y2iuEkXV30X6K6Qx/D3zH/EXZARwJoIk88xliJW9hkqP1UKAeOS4tuBY/ADQ0gxi8bi4Io1N+rQ+QZRHm8Buur5PnVLIQhwL7nS7mLUJvXTZOThqYLJ4P/9E6CBX1gviwQLo4KvyExv9zc18gyX5pJ/16fl94dKIJ6518EKPY6xRFQ==
# note: you can use custom Docker image with Shippable, see
image_name: cypress/base
# use specific tag to avoid surprises
image_tag: 12.16.1
pull: true
# Caching configuration to avoid reinstalling node modules and Cypress binary again and again
cache: true
- /root/.npm
- /root/.cache
- node --version
- npm --version
- npm ci
# let's see where Cypress binary is stored and its version
- npx cypress cache path
- npx cypress cache list
- npx cypress info
# prints all environment variables that start with SHIPPABLE
# useful to configure parallel builds for example
# which is a paid feature on Shippable and on Cypress Dashboard
- npm run print-env -- SHIPPABLE
- npm run print-env -- IS
- npm run print-env -- REPO
- npm run print-env -- COMMIT
- npm run print-env -- BUILD
# starts test server, runs Cypress tests, closes server after they complete
- npx start-test start:ci 8080 'cypress run --record --env shippable=true'
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