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1.1.5 1.2.0 add-codepen-recipe-40 add-collect-node-env-variables cy-3.1.0-for-190 cy-task-recipe cypress-4 file-upload-recipe-43 greenkeeper/chalk-2.3.1 greenkeeper/chalk-2.3.2 greenkeeper/chalk-2.4.0 greenkeeper/chalk-pin-2.3.0 greenkeeper/enzyme-3.3.0 greenkeeper/enzyme-pin-3.2.0 greenkeeper/eslint-4.19.1 greenkeeper/jquery-3.3.1 greenkeeper/jquery-pin-3.3.0 greenkeeper/lodash-4.17.5 greenkeeper/lodash-pin-4.17.4 greenkeeper/nodemon-1.17.3 greenkeeper/nodemon-1.17.5 greenkeeper/pretty-ms-3.2.0 greenkeeper/pretty-ms-pin-3.1.0 greenkeeper/react-dom-16.1.0 greenkeeper/react-dom-16.1.1 greenkeeper/react-dom-16.2.0 greenkeeper/react-dom-pin-16.0.0 greenkeeper/@types/mocha-5.2.1 greenkeeper/webpack-4.6.0 greenkeeper/webpack-4.8.2 greenkeeper/webpack-4.8.3 greenkeeper/webpack-4.9.0 greenkeeper/webpack-4.9.1 greenkeeper/webpack-4.9.2 greenkeeper/webpack-4.10.0 greenkeeper/webpack-4.10.1 greenkeeper/webpack-4.10.2 image-with-ff issue-20 issue-30 issue-35 issue-150 issue-165 kill-background-travis-jobs-156 lint-ts master new-window-stub-recipe parallel-circle-jobs-56 parcel-preprocessor polyfill-fetch-in-test-only preprocessor property-assertion-example renovate/chai-4.x renovate/cypress-browserify-preprocessor-1.x renovate/eslint-plugin-mocha-5.x renovate/execa-0.x renovate/fs-extra-7.x renovate/json-server-0.x renovate/nodemon-1.x renovate/npm-run-all-4.x renovate/stop-only-1.x renovate/stop-only-2.x renovate/ts-loader-4.x renovate/tslint-5.x renovate/typescript-3.x renovate/webpack-4.x snapshot-testing-recipe-66 split-long-spec split-travis-ci-jobs-71 spy-retry stop-server-better-156 testing-redux-store ts-loader-4 update-ts-webpack-example vue-example-39
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bahmutov Split Travis build into separate parallel jobs for #71 (#72)
* try sigle job for #71

* try installing before build stages

* add more jobs

* try using a template

* add all projects

* try naming a job

* try template again

* do not print any message on empty server start

* cannot use exit 0 with args, have to use empty echo

* try 3 travis jobs

* allow all jobs on travis, close #71
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cypress add log command Nov 30, 2017
img copy Codepen testing recipe, close #40 (#41) Nov 28, 2017
README.md add link to the Codepen blog post Dec 5, 2017
cypress.json copy Codepen testing recipe, close #40 (#41) Nov 28, 2017
package.json Split Travis build into separate parallel jobs for #71 (#72) Dec 13, 2017