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bahmutov single testing script that goes through each example (#239)
* working on testing each recipe script

* chore: update script

* add single example test job

* actually run examples on CI

* filter automatically if does not have test:ci script

* add a few more examples and

* skip codepen circle job

* do skip codepen job
Latest commit 86b9bce Mar 18, 2019

Element coverage

Code for blog post Element coverage

Shows how to

  • overwrite several built-in Cypress commands in cypress/support/commands.js to keep track of elements the test interacts with
  • draw elements after the tests finish



To make sure the server starts and builds the app before the tests start on CI, wait-on utility is used to check on local port 3000 before running Cypress tests. See the NPM scripts in the package.json file.

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