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bahmutov Testing redux store (#211)
* copy app

* working app

* a lot of tests

* snapshot testing

* update readme

* test delayed actions

* use cypress-pipe

* use root level cypress-plugin-snapshots

* test redux example on circle and travis

* update readme

* add circle job to workflow

* use cypress base 10 image

* use node 10 LTS on Travis

* prev patch of react-scripts with har-validator
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Testing Redux Store

Testing Redux store using Cypress.

Shows how to

  • control application via DOM and check that Redux store has been properly updated
  • drive application by dispatching Redux actions
  • use Redux actions directly from tests
  • load initial Redux state from a fixture file
  • use automatic user function retries with cypress-pipe
  • use snapshot testing via meinaart/cypress-plugin-snapshots plugin


The example TodoMVC application in this folder was copied from https://github.com/reduxjs/redux/tree/master/examples/todomvc on November 2018.