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brian-mann Issue 20 (#31)
* WIP extract each recipe out on its own as a separate cypress project [skip ci]

* whitespace

* correctly boot both node servers

* rearrange ports

* create start script to boot all of the example project servers

* create run script to iteratively run cypress against each example project and aggregate results [skip ci]

* fix relative paths

* ignore screenshots and videos

* formatting

* add example fixtures

* fix all broken tests due to port + folder structure changes

* update readme to clarify monorepo changes

* fix some links

* drop in eslint

* add seeded pluginsFile to all cypress projects

* readme formatting

* update readme to match doc recipes

* fix anchor links

* more link fixes

* rename all the folders prefixed with their category
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cypress Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
csrf.hbs Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
cypress.json Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
dashboard.hbs Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
login.hbs Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
package.json Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017
server.js Issue 20 (#31) Nov 25, 2017