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Commits on Feb 11, 2020
  1. Replace npm with yarn (#5555)

    andrew-codes and flotwig committed Feb 11, 2020
    * enable using yarn
    * enable lerna and yarn workspaces
    No longer can reliably access node_modules via thei node_modules directory; yarn may optimize it via hoisting it up. This meant updating JS tasks that were copying files directly from node_modules directories. In these cases, pulled in a new package to resolve these correctly.
    SCSS files remain impacted, but cannot easily import via JS. These paths have been modified, but it feels dangerous and incorrect to reach into a node_module to grab files like this.
    Many prebuild steps were removed. I **think** the purpose of `check-deps-pre` is no longer needed, but need to confirm this.
    * enabling test-unit script
    removal of pretest-unit due to check-deps-pre
    * removal of all  `check-deps` and `check-deps-pre`
    I do not think these are needed anymore
    * remove npm run all
    Replaced by `lerna run` and `lerna run --scope`
    * use yarn in circle CI
    appveyor to soon follow
    * yarn in appveyor
    * remove need for bin-upplaces using bin-up have a dev dependency on some package; mostly mocha. This mocha package will be optimized by yarn workspaces by hoisting it into the root; which is effectively what bin-up usage was mimicing.
    * replace npm run with yarn in package files
    * replace explict paths to internal packages with yarn bin
    * remove unecessary link packages script and references
    * properly require package for mocha
    * removing yarn test in this package as it was just a proxy for test-*
    * yarn test in root now reflects what is run in circle ci
    * relax yarn version requirement for circle ci
    * @packages/cli is really just cypress
    also run test in parallel via `yarn test`; it runs test in all 10 packages
    * ensure postinstall is called before prebuild
    yarn does not call postinstall when nothing has installed; such is the case when everything has been cached
    * vscode config uses yarn
    * cannot rely on which node_modules dir a package is in
    find the right node_module dir via `resolve-pkg`
    * further relax yarn version for OSX build in circle ci
    * resolve failing test
    Regarding direct access to node_modules
    * node version in mac build not sufficient
    ignoring check of node/yarn versions when installing
    * preinstall script does not exist
    I **think** the reason to not install packages' modules (the reason for `--ignore-scripts` may be irrelevant with yarn workspaces managing the packages)
    * upgrade mocha that was using --file
    `--file` was introduce in >=5
    * scope test runs to correct packages
    * explictly close connections; otherwise script hangs after tests run
    * refactor so npm and npx commads can be created
    npx is used to utlize lerna for running across all packages sans cli
    * properly resolve node_module
    We cannot reach directly into node_modules to grab the file. Furthermore, running it locally will require resolving from a different cwd, the repo root, as opposed to the package's dist directory.
    The existence of the file deterimes whether we are building the binary or running locally.
    * remove unnecessary arg in vscode debug config
    enable debugging in @packages/server to troubleshoot failing test
    * another npm command found to be changed to yarn
    * properly print colors to terminal
    `lerna run` does not appear to print colors to the terminal properly. Changed to leverage `lerna exec`
    See lerna/lerna#1168
    * add missing test scripts to packages that have partially have them
    'test', 'test-unit', 'test-watch', and 'test-debug'
    This makes running them from the root easier and enables debugging via IDE on more packages
    * properly patch package in yarn workspaces
    * another package needing to postinstall
    * use existing script over explicit lerna exec
    * patches must be copied to dist
    * return to building on postinstall
    * do not hoist driver's packagesThere are too many places we need driver's packages to not be hoisted when testing. We have *.html files in test with script tags srcing node_modules.
    * wait-on is used in circle-ci and needs to be a root dep
    No longer hoisted by `@packages/driver`. This previously worked only because it was hoisted. Adding it to root properly.
    * update documentation based on new ergonomics
    * launcher has unit tests that should be runnable via top level task
    * more concise way to run build within cypress scope
    * fix for unit test that never seemed to work
    `getPathToExample` is really `getPathToExamples`
    * bust cache based on yarn.lock changing
    * define intra-dependencies among packages
    Due to the way we build the binary, all are considered dev dependencies.
    * address `jquery.scrollto` mismatched jquery version
    Tell yarn to explicitly resolve `jquery@3.1.1` for any dependencies and sub-dependencies. The root issue is that `jquery.scrollto` package specifies jquery as a dependency instead of a peer dependency (which is correct). Its jquery version is set to the `>=1.8` which then resolves to 3.4.1. In doing so, it will patch its jquery instead of ours; meaning that `$.scrollTo` is not defined.
    * add/remove deps from renovate
    - bin-up is gone in favor of yarn workspaces and lerna from root
    - check-deps is gone in favor of `yarn check --integrity`
    - lerna added
    * few misc yarn lock updates
    * hope that this may speed up build binary
    installing several of the same dep in >1 package will likely be sped up using yarn due to its machine-wide caching.
    * yarn pack prefix version with a `v`
    * auto-run `yarn install` when deps become out of date
    When switching to a branch with a different set of required deps, running any of the main top level tasks (as seen in the `./` guide) will check for deps changes via `yarn check --integrity` and run `yarn` in root if deps are out of sync.
    * add clean top level task, remove prebuild
    install => build => prebuild => check => install === no good
    * address code review to undo formatting changes
    * favor default imports over deconstructing imports
    * favor @Package resolution; pr feedback
    * include a specific revision
    for some reason, it cannot resolve the original SHA `29dafed297142d3b8a9d8a01842cbdf249a98b72`
    using the next closes SHA
    * properly cache yarn packagesfollowed guide:
    * lower barrier for contributors to get started
    relax node version to be 12.0.0 or higher; will use node version found in `.node-version` in CI
    * updates required after merging latest development
    was getting type errors when building. recreating the `yarn.lock` file seemed to resolve the issue.
    * hidden dep on a specific type version in server
    made dep explicit and now it can build.
    * update request to patched version
    non-breaking changes to request was updated in server, but not everywhere else. It appears that transitive deps were using the 2.88.0 request version instead of the updated one for the server package.
    * missing commit from previous commit/merge
    * do not force a higher version of yarn than the default on circleci
    * exclude e2e.js helper from stop-only command
    * trying to bust node_modules cache.yarnpkg/yarn#6412 (comment)
    * incorrect quotation tick placement
    * fix: properly postinstall parse-domain
    Do not explicitly script the shell invocation of a dependency's postinstall (parse-domain). The dependency's node_modules may not be where the package thinks they are and are not properly resolved.
    It appears that postinstall will automatically be called when installing with yarn.
    * run all CI stages
    * fix win-appveyor-build.js
    * Update
    Co-Authored-By: Zach Bloomquist <>
    * Update
    Co-Authored-By: Zach Bloomquist <>
    * Update
    Co-Authored-By: Zach Bloomquist <>
    * Server package watching a specific test works correctly.
    * PR feedback
    * Correctly use yarn to pack (to get package size)
    * correct size calculation
    `yarn pack` does not output the file name like `npm pack` does. Correct this by explictly setting the filename.
    * PR feedback
    * PR feedback
    * update readmes and testing commands from them
    * do not include this in default build
    * yarn is now installed by default
    * do not include server in `yarn` auto build
    * a few more npm references changed to yarn
    * Revert "run all CI stages"
    This reverts commit 9256aed.
    * Update circle.yml
    Co-Authored-By: Zach Bloomquist <>
    Co-authored-by: Zach Bloomquist <>
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