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Inconsistent behaviour about envvars #2726

kud opened this Issue Nov 6, 2018 · 3 comments


2 participants

kud commented Nov 6, 2018

I'm reading and I've got some troubles.

I'm setting our cypress configuration on cypress.json. Which is great. However, I can't set there the baseUrl as we have different url for each dev machine like:


So by reading, I can see two things

1/ I am able to use a cypress.env.json to set some envvars, which is great, because we've got multiple projects with cypress so CYPRESS_baseUrl in shell is impossible + we don't want to pollute our shell.

2/ I read there I can override standard configuration keys by using the same word like baseUrl like CYPRESS_baseUrl. However, said in the 1/, I don't want to use shell envvars. So I thought, writing in cypress.env.json could be the trick like:

  • cypress.json
  "fixturesFolder": "__tests__/cypress/fixtures",
  "integrationFolder": "__tests__/cypress/integration",
  "pluginsFile": "__tests__/cypress/plugins/index.js",
  "screenshotsFolder": "__tests__/cypress/screenshots",
  "supportFile": "__tests__/cypress/support/index.js",
  "videosFolder": "__tests__/cypress/videos",
  "video": false
  • cypress.env.json
  "baseUrl": ""

but in fact, it doesn't work at all as it does this (when debugging config):

  baseUrl: null,
  env: { baseUrl: 'http://journal.erwann.contexte:8000/' },

which is quite logical but does not do the magic said there: (yes, the example was for the shell but we could imagine it worked with any way to write envvars).

So I'd like to ask you to make a choice:

Note that it's just my opinion, and I'll use a workaround for the moment which is there:

I want to be able to override configuration in cypress.env.json. :)

Thank you for your time.


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kud commented Nov 6, 2018

My current workaround:


module.exports = (on, config) => {
  config.baseUrl = config.env.baseUrl

  return config

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jennifer-shehane commented Nov 6, 2018

There is a long thread involving env vars and baseUrl here: #909


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kud commented Nov 6, 2018

Thank you @jennifer-shehane :)

@kud kud closed this Nov 6, 2018

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