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fix(deps): update dependency commander to version .x 🌟 #8979

merged 3 commits into from
Oct 29, 2020


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@renovate renovate bot commented Oct 27, 2020

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
commander dependencies major ^4.1.1 -> ^5.1.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • added 'tsx' file extension for stand-alone executable subcommands ([#​1368])
  • documented second parameter to .description() to describe command arguments ([#​1353])
  • documentation of special cases with options taking varying numbers of option-arguments ([#​1332])
  • documentation for terminology ([#​1361])
  • add missing TypeScript definition for `.addHelpCommand()' ([#​1375])
  • removed blank line after "Arguments:" in help, to match "Options:" and "Commands:" ([#​1360])
  • update dependencies


Compare Source

  • include URL to relevant section of README for error for potential conflict between Command properties and option values ([#​1306])
  • .combineFlagAndOptionalValue(false) to ease upgrade path from older versions of Commander ([#​1326])
  • allow disabling the built-in help option using .helpOption(false) ([#​1325])
  • allow just some arguments in argumentDescription to .description() ([#​1323])
  • tidy async test and remove lint override ([#​1312])
  • executable subcommand launching when script path not known ([#​1322])


Compare Source

  • add support for variadic options ([#​1250])
  • allow options to be added with just a short flag ([#​1256])
  • Breaking the option property has same case as flag. e.g. flag -n accessed as opts().n (previously uppercase)
  • Breaking throw an error if there might be a clash between option name and a Command property, with advice on how to resolve ([#​1275])
  • Options which contain -no- in the middle of the option flag should not be treated as negatable. ([#​1301])


Compare Source

  • support for multiple command aliases, the first of which is shown in the auto-generated help ([#​531], [#​1236])
  • configuration support in addCommand() for hidden and isDefault ([#​1232])
  • omit masked help flags from the displayed help ([#​645], [#​1247])
  • remove old short help flag when change help flags using helpOption ([#​1248])
  • remove use of arguments to improve auto-generated help in editors ([#​1235])
  • rename .command() configuration noHelp to hidden (but not remove old support) ([#​1232])
  • improvements to documentation
  • update dependencies
  • update tested versions of node
  • eliminate lint errors in TypeScript ([#​1208])


Compare Source

  • support for nested commands with action-handlers ([#​1][#​764] [#​1149])
  • .addCommand() for adding a separately configured command ([#​764][#​1149])
  • allow a non-executable to be set as the default command ([#​742][#​1149])
  • implicit help command when there are subcommands (previously only if executables) ([#​1149])
  • customise implicit help command with .addHelpCommand() ([#​1149])
  • display error message for unknown subcommand, by default ([#​432][#​1088] [#​1149])
  • display help for missing subcommand, by default ([#​1088][#​1149])
  • combined short options as single argument may include boolean flags and value flag and value (e.g. -a -b -p 80 can be written as -abp80) ([#​1145])
  • .parseOption() includes short flag and long flag expansions ([#​1145])
  • .helpInformation() returns help text as a string, previously a private routine ([#​1169])
  • .parse() implicitly uses process.argv if arguments not specified ([#​1172])
  • optionally specify where .parse() arguments "from", if not following node conventions ([#​512][#​1172])
  • suggest help option along with unknown command error ([#​1179])
  • TypeScript definition for commands property of Command ([#​1184])
  • export program property ([#​1195])
  • createCommand factory method to simplify subclassing ([#​1191])
  • preserve argument order in subcommands ([#​508][#​962] [#​1138])
  • do not emit command:* for executable subcommands ([#​809][#​1149])
  • action handler called whether or not there are non-option arguments ([#​1062][#​1149])
  • combining option short flag and value in single argument now works for subcommands ([#​1145])
  • only add implicit help command when it will not conflict with other uses of argument ([#​1153][#​1149])
  • implicit help command works with command aliases ([#​948][#​1149])
  • options are validated whether or not there is an action handler ([#​1149])
  • Breaking .args contains command arguments with just recognised options removed ([#​1032][#​1138])
  • Breaking display error if required argument for command is missing ([#​995][#​1149])
  • tighten TypeScript definition of custom option processing function passed to .option() ([#​1119])
  • Breaking .allowUnknownOption() ([#​802][#​1138])
  • unknown options included in arguments passed to command action handler
  • unknown options included in .args
  • only recognised option short flags and long flags are expanded (e.g. -ab or --foo=bar) ([#​1145])
  • Breaking .parseOptions() ([#​1138])
  • args in returned result renamed operands and does not include anything after first unknown option
  • unknown in returned result has arguments after first unknown option including operands, not just options and values
  • Breaking .on('command:*', callback) and other command events passed (changed) results from .parseOptions, i.e. operands and unknown ([#​1138])
  • refactor Option from prototype to class ([#​1133])
  • refactor Command from prototype to class ([#​1159])
  • changes to error handling ([#​1165])
  • throw for author error, not just display message
  • preflight for variadic error
  • add tips to missing subcommand executable
  • TypeScript fluent return types changed to be more subclass friendly, return this rather than Command ([#​1180])
  • .parseAsync returns Promise<this> to be consistent with .parse() ([#​1180])
  • update dependencies
  • removed EventEmitter from TypeScript definition for Command, eliminating implicit peer dependency on @types/node ([#​1146])
  • removed private function normalize (the functionality has been integrated into parseOptions) ([#​1145])
  • parseExpectedArgs is now private ([#​1149])
Migration Tips

If you use .on('command:*') or more complicated tests to detect an unrecognised subcommand, you may be able to delete the code and rely on the default behaviour.

If you use program.args or more complicated tests to detect a missing subcommand, you may be able to delete the code and rely on the default behaviour.

If you use .command('*') to add a default command, you may be be able to switch to isDefault:true with a named command.

If you want to continue combining short options with optional values as though they were boolean flags, set combineFlagAndOptionalValue(false)
to expand -fb to -f -b rather than -f b.

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@renovate renovate bot added renovate Triggered by renovatebot type: dependencies labels Oct 27, 2020
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cypress-bot bot commented Oct 27, 2020

See the guidelines for reviewing dependency updates for info on how to review dependency update PRs.

@renovate renovate bot changed the title fix(deps): update dependency commander to version .x 🌟 fix(deps): update dependency commander to version .x 🌟 Oct 28, 2020
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cypress bot commented Oct 28, 2020

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Ended Oct 29, 2020 7:00 AM
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@jennifer-shehane jennifer-shehane left a comment

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Breaking changes should have no effect, if may allow us to reconfigure some code if we wanted. The --help command output did change, reflected in snapshots.

@jennifer-shehane jennifer-shehane merged commit da8952c into develop Oct 29, 2020
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cypress-bot bot commented Nov 9, 2020

Released in 5.6.0.

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Cypress v5.6.0, please open a new issue.

@cypress-bot cypress-bot bot locked as resolved and limited conversation to collaborators Nov 9, 2020
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