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Released 3/16/2020


  • Videos can now be recorded when running Electron in --headed mode. Addresses #1767.
  • cypress cache list now prints the last time the cached binary was accessed for each version present. Addresses #6682.


  • We fixed a regression in 3.8.3 where HTTPS requests could experience slowdown. Fixes #6659.
  • We now detect some installations of Firefox that were previously undetected. Fixes #6669.
  • We fixed a race condition where an asynchronous error could fail to be caught when running the plugins file process. Fixes #6570.
  • We now more thoroughly ensure the parent of an element exists when recursively calling actionability checks in order to prevent some maximum call stack errors. Fixes #6707.
  • Specfiles containing & or % characters now correctly run instead of erroring. Fixes #4210.
  • We added support for running tests on Jira plugins even when Jira scripts were not minified. Fixes #1436.
  • We fixed a bug causing specs to hang after rerunning tests during cypress open when there was an exception if thrown in an after hook. Fixes #6619.
  • cypress verify no longer incorrectly prints messaging about this being the first time using that Cypress version. Fixes #6607.
  • Screenshots no longer fail to be taken in Electron when Cypress DEBUG logs are enabled. Fixes #6662.


  • A warning is now printed when setting the reserved key CYPRESS_INTERNAL_ENV to a non-production value. Addresses #6436.
  • When DEBUG logs are printed from cypress:launcher, they now print a clearer log during browser detection for easier reading. Addresses #6700.
  • The Test Runner now renders ANSI colors when there is a syntax error in the spec file. Addresses #6533.
  • The Test Runner now has an icon indicating whether the specs list parent folder is collapsed. Addresses #6277.
  • There's better type information for .click, .dblclick, and .rightclick command's position argument. Addresses #6341.
  • There's a more robust type signature for .its() and .invoke(). Addresses #6431.
  • Using Cypress.dom.isDetached no longer throws a type error in TypeScript projects. Addresses #4408.
  • Using cy.clearLocalStorage({ log:false }) no longer throws a type error in TypeScript projects. Addresses #6615.
  • We added types for Cypress.sinon. Addresses #6720.
  • We've added the foundational work required to support experimental features in the Test Runner. Addresses #6257.

Dependency Updates

  • Upgraded Chrome browser version used during cypress run and when selecting Electron browser in cypress open from 78 to 80. Addressed in #6555.
  • Upgraded electron from 7.1.13 to 8.1.1. This bumps the bundled Chromium to 80.0.3987.141 and the bundled Node to 12.13.0. Addressed in #6555.
  • Upgraded @ffmpeg-installer/ffmpeg from 1.0.19 to 1.0.20. Addressed in #6686.
  • Upgraded minimist from 1.2.0 to 1.2.2. Addressed in #6726.
  • Replaced deprecated request with cypress-io/request. Addressed in #6679.