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Released 3/30/2020


  • Errors shown in the Test Runner have a new design including an expandable stack trace, better highlighting of code elements, and 'Learn more' links that link to relevant Cypress documentation. This is part of our larger improvements to error display with more exciting features to come. Addresses #3762.
  • When you open a Cypress project, clicking on the Settings tab and clicking into the Experiments panel will display the experimental features that are available and whether they are enabled for your project.
  • Added support for setting cookie sameSite values via cy.setCookie(). Addresses #2437.
  • Added experimental support for adding sameSite values to the objects yielded from cy.setCookie(), cy.getCookie(), and cy.getCookies(). Users can enable this by setting the experimentalGetCookiesSameSite configuration value to true. In Cypress 5, this will be the default. Addresses #2437.
  • Added support for the SameSite cookie attribute in cy.request(), cy.visit(), and proxied HTTP requests. Addresses #6757.
  • When an assertion is retried (using .should()) and fails, it now shows the diff in the stdout. Addresses #6722.


  • Fixed a regression in 4.2.0 where cypress installation could fail if Git is not installed. Fixes #6752.
  • Fixed a regression in 3.5.0 where certain HTTP requests could fail with Parse Error: Invalid header value char or Parse Error: Header overflow. Fixes #5602.
  • Fixed a regression in 4.2.0 where Electron deprecation warnings were printed to stderr in open mode. Fixes #6750.
  • Cookies set with a Domain containing an unknown TLD are now sent along for all requests. For example, a cookie like foo=bar; Domain=.cypress.test will now be sent during cy.request() to http://local.cypress.test. Fixes #6628.
  • We fixed a situation where a cross-origin errors could incorrectly throw in Chrome. Fixes #5270.
  • Visibility checks against vue-fragment elements no longer throw an unexpected error. Fixes #6745.
  • The stack trace is now properly shown in the console when clicking the command for tests having an .only that throw an error. Fixes #6744.
  • firefoxGcInterval can now correctly be set to null. Fixes #6825.
  • Cypress will no longer crash the process if an empty video chunk is received. Addressed in #6818.
  • Assertions failures on DOM elements no longer show unexpected diffs when they weren't retried. Fixes #6723.


  • Security warnings no longer show in Mac OS when opening Cypress since our application now undergoes notarization from Apple. Addresses #5791.
  • The previously used spec filter in the Test Runner is now saved and restored for projects without an ID. Addresses #6739.
  • We collect more env information from Travis builds for potential use in the Cypress Dashboard. Addresses #6808.
  • We now collect env information from Netlify builds (for example when using {% url "cypress-io/netlify-plugin-cypress" to send along to the Cypress Dashboard. Addresses #6780.
  • Type added for tag property when using Module API. Addresses #6795.
  • We're continuing to make progress in converting our codebase from CoffeeScript to JavaScript. Addresses #2690 in #6833.

Dependency Updates

  • Upgraded Chrome browser version used during cypress run and when selecting Electron browser in cypress open from 80.0.3987.141 to 80.0.3987.158. Addressed in #6855.
  • Upgraded electron from 8.1.1 to 8.2.0. This bumps the bundled Chromium to 80.0.3987.158. Addressed in #6855.
  • Upgraded @benmalka/foxdriver from 0.2.3 to 0.3.0. Addressed in #6592.
  • Upgraded @cypress/get-windows-proxy from 1.6.0 to 1.6.1. Addressed in #6823.
  • Upgraded execa from 1.0.0 to 4.0.0. Addressed in #6013.
  • Upgraded extract-zip from 1.6.7 to 1.7.0. Addresses #6845 in #6845.
  • Upgraded firefox-profile from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1. Addressed in #6594.
  • Upgraded get-port from 5.1.0 to 5.1.1. Addressed in #6854.
  • Upgraded mime from 1.6.0 to 2.4.4. Addressed in #6764.
  • Upgraded minimist from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5. Addressed in #6747.
  • Upgraded squirrelly from 7.7.0 to 7.9.2. Addressed in #6735.