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Released 4/13/2020


  • TypeScript test files are now supported without using special preprocessors plugins. Addresses #1859.


  • We fixed an issue where Cypress could crash with a This socket has been ended by the other party error when testing applications that make use of WebSockets. Fixes #6458.
  • Uncaught errors thrown from within application or test code now display their proper stack trace. Fixes #6964.
  • Assertion errors now include a stack trace that includes the calling code. Fixes #6969.
  • We now clone the options object passed into Cypress commands so that they're not mutated and receive the proper options. Fixes #3171.
  • We fixed an issue where invalid Set-Cookie values could cause requests to fail with a cannot read property key of undefined error. Now, invalid Set-Cookie values will be ignored. Fixes #6890.


  • Cypress no longer hides output from cypress --version, cypress version, cypress cache path, or cypress cache list commands when npm log level is silent or warn. Addresses #2705.
  • The cy.task() error message is now more specific about the promise resolution value required. Addresses #6241.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded http-proxy from 1.17.0 to 1.18.0. Addressed in #6934.