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@chrisbreiding chrisbreiding released this 12 Apr 23:02

Released 04/12/2021


  • The events before:spec, after:spec, before:run, and after:run now fire in interactive mode in addition to run mode. This requires the experimentalInteractiveRunEvents flag to be enabled. Addressed in #15787.


  • Viewport configuration set in cypress.json is now correctly applied in the Component Test Runner. Fixes #15899.
  • Running specs on Windows is now supported in the Component Test Runner. Fixes #15842.
  • Fixed an issue where crashes in Cypress would cause a misleading "Unknown signal: true" error after the actual crash message. Fixes #15943.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 7.0.0 where requests with responses stubbed via cy.intercept(routeMatcher, staticResponse) would still be sent to the destination server. Fixes #15841.