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Released 05/10/2021


  • Component tests can now be launched via the Module API by passing testingType: 'component' via the new testingType property. The testingType will default to e2e. Addresses #16302.
  • cy.intercept() now accepts a times option in the RouteMatcher. times will specify the number of times that a particular cy.intercept() should be applied. Addresses #4460 and #8531.
  • cy.intercept() now accepts invocation using cy.intercept(url, routeMatcher, handler), where url is a regular expression. Previously, this only worked if url was a string. Addresses #16390.
  • Cypress will now automatically get environment variables for LayerCI when recording to the Dashboard. Addresses #16101.
  • Setting the env var DEBUG=cypress:server:record:ci-info will print commit information and CI provider information that's sent to the Dashboard as debug logs. Addresses #16236.
  • Cypress can now use the certificate authority specified in NPM config if CYPRESS_DOWNLOAD_USE_CA is specified. See "Using a custom CA" for more information. Addresses #8825.


  • Cypress will no longer incorrectly redirect the AUT window to /__/ when location.href is set to a relative path within the call stack of an XHR event handler. Fixes #3975 and #7439.
  • Cypress now properly handles when a form submit or anchor tag target is set to _top or _parent so that it no longer redirects the parent frame. Fixes #1244.
  • Fixed a regression in 6.5.0 that could cause Cypress to crash with a RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at _deconstructPacket error. Most commonly, this occurred when handling network errors with cy.request(). Fixes #15101.
  • Fixed a regression in 7.0.0 that caused the Test Runner to crash with an ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE type error when testing a binary file upload. Fixes #15898 and #16223.
  • When verifying Cypress, we now listen for the 'close' event instead of the 'exit' event in an effort to fix some situations where the browser cannot be found even though it is on the system. Addressed in #16312.
  • Fixed a regression in 6.5.0 that caused a node warning about .then() only accepting functions to display. Fixes #15281.
  • cy.intercept() now adds a access-control-expose-headers: '*' header by default for CORS requests unless overridden. Fixes #15050.
  • Improved the way that cy.intercept() and cy.route() requests with multiple aliases are displayed in the command log. Addressed in #16382.
  • Cypress.cookies.debug(true) will now correctly show cookie-related messages on the console. Fixes #15032.
  • cy.log() will now show all arguments, not only the first 2. Fixes #16068.
  • .select() now correctly selects option elements with values that have   characters. Fixes #16045.
  • The e2e and component configuration values will now correctly show when previewing resolved configuration in the Test Runner. Fixes #16282.
  • When passing the —quiet flag, Cypress will no longer print uploading output to Stdout. Fixes #16268.
  • When pressing the / hotkey in Firefox, Cypress will select the SpecList's SearchInput as it does in other browsers. Fixes #16309.
  • Cypress will now detect the default installation location of the Visual Studio Code editors on Windows machines. Fixes #15080.
  • Changing files extensions when creating a new test file should no longer add extra dots to the filename on Windows machines. Fixes #16131.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded classnames from 2.2.6 to 2.3.1. Addressed in #8337.
  • Upgraded color-string from 1.5.4 to 1.5.5. Addressed in #16362.
  • Upgraded lodash from 4.17.19 to 4.17.21. Addressed in #16406.
  • Upgraded registry-js from 1.13.0 to 1.15.0. Addressed in #16409.
  • Upgraded url-parse from 1.4.7 to 1.5.0. Addressed in #16408.