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Released 05/24/2021


  • Cypress now detects and supports testing in the Chrome Beta browser. Addresses #16376.
  • There are new keyboard shortcuts to continue (c) and to go to the next test (n) when the Test Runner is paused via .pause() and to toggle auto-scrolling of the Test Runner (a). Addresses #248.


  • cy.request() can now send binary files in form data. Fixes #1647.
  • cy.request() can now send blob data. Fixes #6178.
  • Fixed an issue where cy.wait() could yield the incorrect result when used with cy.intercept() and several simultaneous requests. Fixes #16451.
  • Improved the way that cy.intercept() matchers are displayed in the Command Log when using RouteMatcher properties besides url and method. Fixes #9403.
  • cy.intercept() argument validation has been improved. Invalid hostnames and extra arguments passed to cy.intercept() now result in an error. Addressed in #16577.
  • cy.screenshot() no longer incorrectly captures parts of the Test Runner UI during component testing. Fixes #16543.
  • Spec files that containing spaces in the path will now properly open during cypress open-ct. Fixes #16278.
  • Cypress now correctly uses the componentFolder and testFiles values from returned from plugins in the component testing runner. Fixes #16424.
  • Video recordings in Chrome, Chromium, and Electron browsers will no longer drop frames, with the frequency increasing along with the length of the video. Fixes #16648.
  • Tests located outside of the projectRoot will now open in IDE and generate studio commands when saved. Fixes #16255.
  • config in the plugins file will now display in alphabetical order. Fixes #16564.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded dependency-tree from 7.0.2 to 8.1.0. Addressed in #16464.
  • Upgraded extract-zip from 1.7.0 to 2.0.1. Fixes #6896