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Released 06/07/2021


  • The Test Runner has a new 'Docs' menu with links and prompts specific to helping you get started writing tests, set up in CI, and running tests in the Dashboard. Addressed in #16433.
  • cy.request() now accepts a generic in TypeScript for specifying the type of the request body. Addresses #9109.


  • Cypress will not longer crash with a hasBinary infinite recursive call. Fixes #16476.
  • The --config-file option now correctly handles absolute paths. Fixes #6136.
  • cy.location(<key>) will now retry if the remote location returns an empty string, which is possible during otherwise harmless redirects. Fixes #16463.
  • Cypress now passes a flag to Chrome browsers to prevent update notifications from displaying in some cases. Fixes #16693.
  • TypeScript will now properly error when attempting to use the chai <value>.should() syntax. Fixes #16548.

Dependency Updates:

  • Replaced deprecated listr with listr2. Addressed in #16663.