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Released 2/15/2022


  • Enhancements were made to the error experience in both run mode and open mode
    to improve readability and provide meaningful stack traces. Addressed in
  • Updated the cy.request() log message to hide the origin when it matched the
    browser origin to make debugging easier. This reduces the length of the log
    message that could be partially hidden if a long url is requested. Addressed
    in #20009.
  • Updates were made to log the ShadowRoot and Document elements as HTML
    elements. Previously these would be logged as enumerated objects, which were
    difficult to evaluate. Addressed in
  • Updated the terminal output generated in Cypress run mode to de-emphasis the
    node path in the run header. Addressed in


  • Fixed an issue where files attached during .selectFile() could have the
    wrong File prototype. Fixes
  • Updated .select() to only dispatch the change and input events when the
    selected option is not the currently selected option. This change aligns
    .select() with the browser. Fixes
  • Updated .type(' ') to align with the W3C standards where a click event
    should be dispatched when the Space key is pressed and the current focus is on
    a state-changing element with type button, image, submit or reset.
    Fixes #20067.