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2 Channel Oscilloscope and Waveform Geneator uisng a CY8CKIT-059 board and a TCL based PC GUI.
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This is a 2-channel oscilloscope and waveform generator implemented on
a Cypress' PSoC5LP device. 
The implementation has been done for two evaluation kits:

  CY8CKIT-059 -> ScopePSoC
  See the file PSoC_5LP_Scope.docx for details on how to program and use
  the oscilloscope and waveform generator.

  FreeSoC2 -> ScopeFreeSoC2
  The file FreeSoC2_Scope.docx describes changes to use the original project
  on the Sparkfun kit including a hardware adapter for demonstration purpose.

The GUI is a TCL program baesed on the Open Instrumentation Project
created by Syscomp Electronic Design.

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