An experiment with basic CSS3 animations.
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The Good Man

Hello. This project is about experimentations. About CSS3 animations and a graduation project. My name is Pedro Ivo Hudson and this is my debut.

The Good Man is about visual transcription of a narrative. Transformed into HTML elements and animated in CSS3, this project aims its efforts to build an animation, in a web browser. Without images, just web fonts and shapes, it’s intended to run smoothly and to be as scalable as possible.

Also, this is my graduation project in Graphic Design. It was intended to be a study about animation in code, to understand its quirks. During the process, different tests were performed.

If you’d like to talk, get in touch: @podrivo


The Good Man, song by Husky Rescue.

Typography includes Montserrat, by Julieta Ulanovsky, and Lato, by Łukasz Dziedzic, and is served via Google Web Fonts.

Icon font builder provided by IcoMoon.

Special thanks to Claudio Santos, Lucas Franco and João Henrique Martins.


This project is licensed under CC BY 3.0.