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a groovy breadcrumbs for grails
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This plugin gives you an Breadcrumb based on a definition of the navigation structure (implementation of a "menuDefinitionService" service). A simple breadcrumb editable and robust. the construction of the breadcrumb is based on the couple action / controller. An annotation allows you to change the breadcrumb. Very flexible and easy to implement.


compile ":groovy-breadcrumbs-plugin:1.0.2"


The breadcrumbs plugin is based on a MenuDefinitionService is provided by the application. So let's go create the service

Run create-service MenuDefinitionService

In MenuDefinitionService create a method called loadMenuDefinition


class MenuDefinitionService  {

    static transactional = false

    static scope = "session"

    static proxy = true

    def loadMenuDefinition() {
        def menus = []

        menus << new MenuItem(name : "page-one", message:"", controller: "BreadCrumbsDemo", action: "pageOne")
        MenuItem menuThreeTwo = new MenuItem(name : "page-two-", message:"page.two.demo", controller: "BreadCrumbsDemo", action:"pageThreeTwo")
        menuThreeTwo << new MenuItem(name : "", message:"", controller: "BreadCrumbsDemo", action:"pageThreeTwoOne")
        menuThreeTwo << new MenuItem(name : "page-two.two", message:"pagetwo.two.demo", controller: "BreadCrumbsDemo", action:"pageThreeTwoTwo")
        menus << menuThreeTwo


You can define as many levels that you want !!!

Just define the message in

like page.two.demo=pageTwo

Declare Service MenuDefinitionService as proxy in resources.groovy

beans = {
    menuDefinitionServiceProxy(org.springframework.aop.scope.ScopedProxyFactoryBean) {
        targetBeanName = 'menuDefinitionService'
        proxyTargetClass = true

Now the end, for define the divider of breadcrumbs

add grails configuration in config.groovy

breadcrumbs.divider = "&gt;"

You can define all > < / - ... divider that you want

You can also define html character like &gt; or &lt; or &yen; if you want :)

Adding the taglib in your layout

<crumbs:breadcrumbs />

Using BreadCrumbs Annotation

To redefine breadcrumb use @BreadCrumbs

The breadcrumb can be reset by three ways

  • static
  • session
  • request

Example with static scope

@BreadCrumbs (scope = BreadCrumbsScopeEnum.STATIC, actionName = "actionName", ControllerName = "ControllerName")
def controllerMethod() {

Example with request scope

@BreadCrumbs (scope = BreadCrumbsScopeEnum.REQUEST, actionName = "actionName", ControllerName = "ControllerName")
def controllerMethod() {

Example with session scope

@BreadCrumbs (scope = BreadCrumbsScopeEnum.SESSION)
def controllerMethod() {

    breadCrumbsService.pushActionInSession ("actionName")
    and / or
    breadCrumbsService.pushControllerInSession ("controllerName")

activate clickable Mode


Configure Home Item


Two mode are possible

mode image


mode text


Add a getHomeItem() in MenuDefinitionService

Example for image mode

def getHomeItem(){
    def message = "breadcrumbs/menu_home.png"
    def home  = new MenuItem(name:"page-home", message: message);

Or for message mode

def getHomeItem(){
    def home  = new MenuItem(name:"page-home", message: "message key");

for style

define a css for



.breadcrumb > li

and for active item

.breadcrumb > li > .active

Thank to

laurent guerin

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