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DayZed Mod

DayZed Mod is based on DayZ Mod by Dean 'rocket' Hall and It aims to be more unforgiving, balanced and harder, while including new features such as items, skins, actions, weapons, loot, map additions and more. DayZed uses the Reality Hive by thevisad - originaly Bliss Hive by ayan4m1




DayZed Mod Devs:

  • cyrq - scripts and coding
  • sTaYrUdE - modeling, configs and balance
  • MatrixSTR - modeling

DayZed Mod Credits:

DayZed benifits from the following addons (listed in alphabetical order):

DayZed benifits or uses the following code (or parts of it) made by following people (listed in non particular order):

And probably a lot more...feel free to message us ;)

Original DayZMod Credits

Original Author

  • Dean 'Rocket' Hall

Community Dev Project Managers

This file contains a list of every person who has contributed code to DayZ Mod. It was created from the git commit log, and should include everyone, but we may have missed a few and it is manually updated now. If you feel like you've been left out, feel free to tell us!

Long-term Contributions

These contributors have made many changes, over a fairly long time span, or for many different parts of the code.

Short-term Contributions

These contributors have made specific changes for a particular bug fix or feature.

Art Work

Special thanks.

  • Special thanks to TOPMO3 and GenesisCrys for the outstanding work with retexturing the Viral infected.
  • Special thanks to David Foltyn for the support during the community build with his constent moaning and presure to do everything different :-).
  • Special thanks to Matt Lightfoot for his incredible logic we all love to hate :-).
  • Special thanks to shinkicker who has listened to all of the ideas and who has always been there to bounce ideas back and forth Thanks.
  • Special thanks to Shacktac for his incredable work within the Arma 2 community.
  • Special thanks to AWOL and Paul Tomany for sharing awesome features from DayZ Epoch.
  • Special thanks to BMRF, TMW, MUSTY for providing test machines before release.