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biscuit - Modular HTTP cookie parser
Copyright (C) 2012 Andrea Cardaci <>
biscuit simplifies the managing and the organization of cookies, it reads
lines from standard input in the form:
host name=value; name=value; ...
parses them and applies some logic according to its known services, for
example it discards equivalent entries by using a specific field as a key or
it skips some useless fields in the output. The result is dumped on standard
output. Several formats are available: quoted Javascript to be pasted in the
URL bar of the browser, Wget command invocation, etc.
Both service and printer interfaces are modular.
python (>= 2.7.3)
List all the available services:
$ biscuit list services
List all the available printers:
$ biscuit list printers
Describe the "js-url" printer:
$ biscuit describe js-url
Parse a text file processing all known services and also reporting unknown
cookies using the default printer:
$ biscuit parse < cookies.txt
Use tshark to extract cookies from a pcap file and process only the facebook
ones using Javascript output, unknown cookies are discarded:
$ tshark -r file.cap \
-R 'http.cookie and' \
-T fields -e -e http.cookie \
| biscuit parse -n js-url facebook
Custom modules:
A module is a Python file located in services/ for the former and in
printers/ for the latter. Working examples can be found in that folders.
Both default service (core/ and printer
(core/ can be used as a template for creating new