gem to easily use the frank-cucumber testing framework in RubyMotion projects
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A gem to use integration of frank-cucumber into RubyMotion projects.


> gem install motion-frank

or better yet, use Bundler with rvm or rbenv.

Getting started

In your Rakefile:

require 'motion-frank'

Then from the command line you can see the new tasks:

> rake -T
rake frank                 # Shorthand for frank:run
rake frank:init_features   # Create first feature files
rake frank:run             # Build app for simulator, launch simulator and run features
rake frank:symbiote        # Run app with symbiote enabled

Starter features

Before using rake frank:run you'll need some feature files to start. Use rake frank:init_features to create these.


Symbiote is a web-based tool for inspecting the state of your native iOS application. See the Symbiote site for more details.

Run rake frank:symbiote to enable symbiote in the simulator, and visit http://localhost:37265 (or run frank inspect) to browse your app.

Symbiote will crash if your application doesn't have a view, so you will have to try it out with more than just a motion create app.


The versions of this gem will track the version of frank-cucumber, so that 1.1.8.* requires frank-cucumber 1.1.8.


Thanks to Caleb Cohoon for writing very useful instructions that this gem is based on.