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Price is Right Slackbot

Games are a great way to teach people about the work that other people are doing within a company. The Price is Right is well-suited to help the product team learn more about the deals that our sales team has closed, the metrics that our marketing team is tracking, and the customer interactions that customer success tracks. In addition, it also helps these teams to get a better understanding of what our engineers and data team are trying to optimize. The Price is Right achieves this goal since it gives everyone a chance to make their best guess about the work that others are doing.

A slackbot seemed like the easiest way to get everyone involved. I'm grateful that Botkit made this easy to implement.

If this sounds like it'd be useful to you, here are some instructions on how to get the bot installed.


Register a new slackbot.

Manual Approach

Place your API token into .env, so that it looks like:


Then run the following commands to boot the bot locally:

$ npm install
$ npm start

Docker Approach

Add your API token to docker-compose.yml.

$ docker-compose up

Game Play

To start, you need to assign a game master. As the person who spins up the chatbot, you do this by being the first one to direct messaging the chatbot I am your master.

To see your options as the master, type master help into the direct message with the chatbot.

To register new players, ask them to open a direct message with the chatbot and message game time.

To see the options available to the player, type help into the direct message with the chatbot.


Bugs / Issues

If you find a bug or something that could improve the user experience, please file an issue on this github project, so contributors/maintainers can get started fixing them. :-)

Submitting Pull Requests

  • Fork this project
  • Make a feature branch git checkout -b feature
  • Make your changes and commit them to your feature branch
  • Submit a pull request


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