Alignments of the Phonetischer Atlas von Deutschland (PAD)
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PAD data

This repository contains phonetic alignments of the data of the Phonetischer Atlas von Deutschland collected at the Deutscher Sprachatlas in Marbug. The data is IPA transcribed and consists of a very detailed phonetic transcription. There are in total 3782 different symbols used in this data base. We have kept the original transcription, with the exception of the symbols for syllable break, primary and secondary stress. They were removed from the alignments, since they were not consistently annotated in the original data.

All words from the original data set are divided into 187 cognate sets which are automatically multi-aligned and later manually corrected.


For each cognate set we offer some basic annotation:

  • column id (unique identifier for each column) (COLUMNID)
  • standard German counterpart in the orthographic form (STANDARD)
  • annotation of the columns that contain metathesis (CROSSED)
  • annotation of the complex sounds that occur in more than one column (COMPLEX)
  • annotation of the columns that should be ignored in the analyses (IGNORE)