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MSA Editor

A HTML editor for multiple alignment files containing (phonetic) alignments.

This is an HTML application to modify existing multiple alignment files without requiring a Web server. You can simply open dist/msa-editor.html in a browser and edit MSA files on your hard disk.

Dependency Installation and Build

Please first install all dependencies via npm:

$ npm install

You can then start a development build with a file watch for changes:

$ npm run watch

This will build the app into the dist folder. You can directly open the file
msa-editor.html to work with the app. The watch task also starts a development server at http:\\localhost:8080 with automatic reload on file changes.

To build the production version:

$ npm run production

To build the electron app for your local platform:

$ npm run build:electron

Compatibility notes

We target modern browsers on desktop operating systems, where modern means the current stable version of the major browsers, or the version before that.


A HTML editor for MSA files containing phonetic alignments.






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