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What it is.

As indicates its name this project is a reminder bot. Its created to use in Google Chat using REST API.

For who.

Anyone that uses Google Chat.

What is needed to build and use it.

  1. A google service account and a private key. More info here and here.
  2. A server to host it and a database.
    As environment variables needs :
    a) Bot name
    b) Path of the private key
    c) Credentials for the connection with database

How to use it.

The current functionality that this bot supports after you invite it is the following:

  1. Set a reminder
    a) For you
    @bot remind me what at 16/3/2019 16:33
    @bot remind me what in 1 minute
    b) For anyone in the current room
    @bot remind @George Papakis what at 16/3/2019 16:33
    c) All in the current room
    @bot remind @all what at 16/3/2019 16:33
    d) All in any other room that bot is invited
    @bot remind #roomName what at 16/3/2019 16:33

  2. Set timezone
    a) For each reminder
    @bot remind me 'what' at 16/03/2019 16:33 Athens
    b) If previews omitted set timezone for each user in every reminder he sets
    @bot set my timezone to athens
    c) If previews omitted set timezone for every user in the current domain
    @bot set global timezone to Paris
    d) By default it uses GMT

  3. Show my reminders and timezone
    a) For each user shows reminders that will notify him.
    @bot list
    1) ID:23 what:' Something to do ' When: 23/01/2019 18:20 Europe/Athens
    b) To show your timezone and global timezone simply do
    @bot timezones

  4. Delete a reminder
    a) For each user, using a reminders id.
    @bot delete 323

  5. Show current version of the bot
    a) For each user, using a reminder version.
    @bot version

  6. change bot configurations like this
    a) For bot configurations.
    @bot config set key value
    b) For listing all configurations
    @bot config