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1 parent fc3d56d commit 53193ff6e3a9b1858061b4ca5eca6cb42924664f @markflorisson markflorisson committed Dec 5, 2010
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8 src/userguide/debugging.rst
@@ -34,9 +34,11 @@ debug information using the ``--gdb`` flag::
cython --gdb myfile.pyx
-.. note:: The debugger is new in the upcoming release of Cython, 0.13.1.
- Currently, it can be cloned from github at
+.. note:: The debugger is not yet part of Cython, but can currently
+ be retrieved here:
+ This is a branch of Cython and can as such be used standalone, or
+ pulled into the mainline Cython branch (
Running the Debugger

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