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Add todo.txt with some background.

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Robert Bradshaw robertwb authored

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  1 +Background
  2 +----------
  3 +
  4 +[brain dump]
  5 +
  6 +The "Old Cython Users Guide" is a derivative of the old Pyrex documentation. It underwent substantial editing by Peter Alexandar
  7 +to become the Reference Guide, which is oriented around bullet points
  8 +and lists rather than prose. This transition was incomplete.
  9 +
  10 +At nearly the same time, Robert, Dag, and Stefan wrote a tutorial as
  11 +part of the SciPy proceedings. It was felt that the content there was
  12 +cleaner and more up to date than anything else, and this became the
  13 +basis for the "Getting Started" and "Tutorials" sections. However,
  14 +it simply doesn't have as much content as the old documentation used to.
  15 +Eventually, it seems all of the old users manual could be whittled
  16 +down into independent tutorial topics. Much discussion of what we'd
  17 +like to see is at
  18 +
  19 +
  20 +
  21 +There is currently a huge amount of redundancy, but no one section has
  22 +it all.
  23 +
  24 +Also, we should go through the wiki enhancement proposal list and make sure to transfer the (done) ones into the user manual.

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