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Updated the debugger docs to use the --gdb flag (instead of --debug) …

…and to include a warning for the use of non-debug-symbol builds in combination with python breakpoints
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24 src/userguide/debugging.rst
@@ -12,30 +12,31 @@ higher, build with Python support (linked to Python 2.5 or higher).
The debugger will need debug information that the Cython compiler can export.
This can be achieved from within the setup
-script by passing ``pyrex_debug=True`` to your Cython Extenion class::
+script by passing ``pyrex_gdb=True`` to your Cython Extenion class::
from Cython.Distutils import extension
- ext = extension.Extension('source', 'source.pyx', pyrex_debug=True)
+ ext = extension.Extension('source', 'source.pyx', pyrex_gdb=True)
setup(..., ext_modules=[ext)]
With this approach debug information can be enabled on a per-module basis.
-Another (easier) way is to simply pass the ``--pyrex-debug`` flag as a command
+Another (easier) way is to simply pass the ``--pyrex-gdb`` flag as a command
line argument::
- python build_ext --pyrex-debug
+ python build_ext --pyrex-gdb
For development it's often easy to use the ``--inplace`` flag also, which makes
distutils build your project "in place", i.e., not in a separate `build`
When invoking Cython from the command line directly you can have it write
-debug information using the ``--debug`` flag::
+debug information using the ``--gdb`` flag::
- cython --debug myfile.pyx
+ cython --gdb myfile.pyx
.. note:: The debugger is new in the upcoming release of Cython, 0.13.1.
- Currently, it can be cloned from
+ Currently, it can be cloned from github at
Running the Debugger
@@ -44,7 +45,7 @@ Running the Debugger
To run the Cython debugger and have it import the debug information exported
by Cython, run ``cygdb`` in the build directory::
- $ python build_ext --pyrex-debug --inplace
+ $ python build_ext --pyrex-gdb --inplace
$ cygdb
GNU gdb (GDB) 7.2
@@ -57,7 +58,7 @@ installed and managed by your package manager you probably need to install debug
support separately, e.g. for ubuntu::
$ sudo apt-get install python-dbg
- $ python-dbg build_ext --pyrex-debug --inplace
+ $ python-dbg build_ext --pyrex-gdb --inplace
Then you need to run your script with ``python-dbg`` also.
@@ -107,6 +108,11 @@ of these commands are analogous to their respective gdb command.
(gdb) cy break -p pythonmodule.python_function_or_method
(gdb) cy break -p python_function_or_method
+.. note:: Python breakpoints only work in Python builds where the Python frame
+ information can be read from the debugger. To ensure this, use a
+ Python debug build or a non-stripped build compiled with debug
+ support.
.. function:: cy step
Step through Python, Cython or C code. Python, Cython and C functions

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