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comment on generator expressions

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@@ -14,10 +14,16 @@ Python. This page lists the things that work in Python but not in Cython.
As Cython matures, the items in this list should go away.
+Generators and generator expressions
-Using the yield keywords. (work in progress) This relies on functional closures
+The yield keyword is not yet supported. This is work in progress.
+Since Cython 0.13, some generator expressions are supported when they
+can be transformed into inlined loops in combination with builtins,
+e.g. ``sum(x*2 for x in seq)``. As of 0.14, the supported builtins
+are ``list()``, ``set()``, ``dict()``, ``sum()``, ``any()``,
+``all()``, ``sorted()``.
Other Current Limitations
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