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# The Computer Language Shootout
# contributed by Robert Bradshaw
# based on the the C GNU gcc version #2
cdef extern from "gmp.h":
ctypedef struct mpz_t:
cdef void mpz_init(mpz_t)
cdef void mpz_init_set_ui(mpz_t, unsigned int)
cdef int mpz_cmp(mpz_t, mpz_t)
cdef unsigned int mpz_get_ui(mpz_t)
cdef void mpz_add(mpz_t, mpz_t, mpz_t)
cdef void mpz_mul_ui(mpz_t, mpz_t, unsigned int)
cdef void mpz_addmul_ui(mpz_t, mpz_t, unsigned int)
cdef void mpz_submul_ui(mpz_t, mpz_t, unsigned int)
cdef void mpz_tdiv_q(mpz_t, mpz_t, mpz_t)
cdef mpz_t numer, accum, denom, tmp
cdef unsigned int extract_digit(unsigned int n):
mpz_mul_ui(tmp, numer, n)
mpz_add(tmp, tmp, accum)
mpz_tdiv_q(tmp, tmp, denom)
return mpz_get_ui(tmp)
cdef void next_term(unsigned int k):
cdef unsigned int y2 = k*2 + 1
mpz_addmul_ui(accum, numer, 2)
mpz_mul_ui(accum, accum, y2)
mpz_mul_ui(numer, numer, k)
mpz_mul_ui(denom, denom, y2)
cdef void eliminate_digit(unsigned int d):
mpz_submul_ui(accum, denom, d)
mpz_mul_ui(accum, accum, 10)
mpz_mul_ui(numer, numer, 10)
def pidigits(unsigned int n):
cdef unsigned int d, i = 0, k = 0, m
mpz_init_set_ui(numer, 1);
mpz_init_set_ui(accum, 0);
mpz_init_set_ui(denom, 1);
line = ' '*10
cdef char *buf = line
while True:
while True:
k += 1
if mpz_cmp(numer, accum) <= 0:
d = extract_digit(3)
if d == extract_digit(4):
m = i % 10
buf[m] = d + c'0'
i += 1
if m == 9:
print "%s\t:%d" % (line, i)
if i >= n:
if m != 9:
print "%s%s\t:%s" % (line[:m+1], ' ' * (10-m), n)
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys
n = int(sys.argv[1])
except IndexError:
n = 2500
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