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75e2cc0 @robertwb Added tag for changeset 966abe58538d
robertwb authored
1 966abe58538dfbdaccd53bd970d4998c78ea522e
5191f30 @robertwb Added tag 0.9.8rc1 for changeset 67ee5a34bfc6
robertwb authored
2 67ee5a34bfc662e4e3cf989c2c8bf78a412ae8f4 0.9.8rc1
bb954ab @robertwb Added tag Version-0.9.8 for changeset 16a746d969e2
robertwb authored
3 16a746d969e2654112fc0dc081690b891c496977 Version-0.9.8
36a915e @robertwb Added tag for changeset a09347d7b470
robertwb authored
4 a09347d7b470290076b983aef98707921445a038
4e48100 @robertwb Added tag for changeset 82084a7b654e
robertwb authored
5 82084a7b654e2a133ab64ceb47e03d6e7a204990
17e81f7 @robertwb Added tag 0.10 for changeset a89b05b78236
robertwb authored
6 a89b05b78236a27a654f3004bdffc7b8a56311a7 0.10
f757e75 @robertwb Added tag cython-0.10.1 for changeset ef9d2c680684
robertwb authored
7 ef9d2c680684d0df7d81f529cda29e9e1741f575 cython-0.10.1
6ab3e7d @robertwb Added tag 0.10.2 for changeset 92baafe0edf3
robertwb authored
8 92baafe0edf3cea00deb7ce1e31e337bb485af1a 0.10.2
3771c0f @robertwb Added tag 0.10.3 for changeset cdf889c30e7a
robertwb authored
9 cdf889c30e7a7053de20bae3a578dad09ebcbdf5 0.10.3
e7354e5 @robertwb Added tag sage-cythonizes for changeset 59c67af0674b
robertwb authored
10 59c67af0674bd93c5fd8958e08c76a9dab9aae37 sage-cythonizes
e2d35ba @robertwb Added tag 0.11-beta for changeset a4abf0156540
robertwb authored
11 a4abf0156540db4d3ebaa95712b65811c43c5acb 0.11-beta
2a54023 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.rc for changeset 838a6b7cae62
robertwb authored
12 838a6b7cae62e01dc0ce663cccab1f93f649fdbd 0.11.rc
d1c4e11 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.1.alpha for changeset 4497f635d5fd
robertwb authored
13 4497f635d5fdbd38ebb841be4869fbfa2bbfdbb6 0.11.1.alpha
9b34433 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.1.beta for changeset 7bc36a0f8172
robertwb authored
14 7bc36a0f81723117a19f92ffde1676a0884fef65 0.11.1.beta
336ee10 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.1 for changeset 6454db601984
robertwb authored
15 6454db601984145f38e28d34176fca8a3a22329c 0.11.1
42a2d50 @dagss Added tag 0.11.2.rc1 for changeset af6f1bed8cd4
dagss authored
16 af6f1bed8cd40a2edefb57d3eacbc9274a8788b4 0.11.2.rc1
8125f96 @dagss Version update
dagss authored
17 15ad532e2127840ae09dfbe46ccc80ac8c562f99 0.11.2
fc6ee83 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.3.rc0 for changeset eb00d00a73c1
robertwb authored
18 eb00d00a73c13b6aa8b440fe07cd7acb52a060e8 0.11.3.rc0
2eb4187 @robertwb Added tag 0.11.3 for changeset 7c695fe49fd6
robertwb authored
19 7c695fe49fd6912f52d995fe512d66baacf90ee6 0.11.3
c24619f @robertwb Added tag 0.12.alpha0 for changeset 4208042ceeae
robertwb authored
20 4208042ceeae634f5c0999b8ab75f69faf46b6db 0.12.alpha0
23fa1a5 @robertwb Added tag 0.12.rc0 for changeset e77827f09af6
robertwb authored
21 e77827f09af67560aa82a18feab778f71ca0a9d3 0.12.rc0
0b8b1fb @robertwb Added tag 0.12 for changeset fae19937e494
robertwb authored
22 fae19937e4945c59a5d9d62c63f1c3b09046c3a3 0.12
1125b0e @robertwb Added tag 0.12.1 for changeset e90c522631ae
robertwb authored
23 e90c522631ae06f2170a751fb256cdea0e50fb21 0.12.1
bba219f @robertwb Added tag 0.13.beta0 for changeset 5ac2eaefcdc9
robertwb authored
24 5ac2eaefcdc9c3a7a9c29a0bb8c3e4c6c016c64c 0.13.beta0
7be6978 Added tag 0.13.beta1 for changeset 14957f635a37
Stefan Behnel authored
25 14957f635a379c97d9966097276313e43491ed96 0.13.beta1
a998bfe @craigcitro Added tag 0.13 for changeset 32c957267b3b
craigcitro authored
26 32c957267b3ba3140fba4d1947fa98484d5e956b 0.13
e0a2a0f @robertwb Added tag 0.10.1 for changeset ef9d2c680684
robertwb authored
27 ef9d2c680684d0df7d81f529cda29e9e1741f575 0.10.1
17771f2 @robertwb Added tag 0.9.8 for changeset 16a746d969e2
robertwb authored
28 16a746d969e2654112fc0dc081690b891c496977 0.9.8
a778cb0 @robertwb Removed tag Version-0.9.8
robertwb authored
29 16a746d969e2654112fc0dc081690b891c496977 Version-0.9.8
30 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Version-0.9.8
ede31e8 @robertwb Removed tag cython-0.10.1
robertwb authored
31 ef9d2c680684d0df7d81f529cda29e9e1741f575 cython-0.10.1
32 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 cython-0.10.1
f0511d1 @robertwb Removed tag sage-cythonizes
robertwb authored
33 59c67af0674bd93c5fd8958e08c76a9dab9aae37 sage-cythonizes
34 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sage-cythonizes
122f3cf @robertwb Added tag 0.14.alpha0 for changeset 478f57be445d
robertwb authored
35 478f57be445d18fe294db849d7ad317fe7d7658f 0.14.alpha0
126c548 @robertwb Added tag 0.14.beta1 for changeset 31b531a6c45b
robertwb authored
36 31b531a6c45b2c34ae5a1af8a2c09f152adea60d 0.14.beta1
233e543 @robertwb Bump version number again.
robertwb authored
37 7fa84cb6d3d75eb3d015aeeb60bf8b642171fe93 0.14.beta2
645bec2 @robertwb Added tag 0.14.beta2 for changeset 8412b39fbc3e
robertwb authored
38 7fa84cb6d3d75eb3d015aeeb60bf8b642171fe93 0.14.beta2
39 8412b39fbc3eb709a543e2f1e95c0c8881ea9ed4 0.14.beta2
33aca7c @robertwb Added tag 0.14.rc0 for changeset a6b9f0a6d02d
robertwb authored
40 a6b9f0a6d02d23fc3d3a9d0587867faa3afb2fcd 0.14.rc0
3fec633 @robertwb Added tag 0.14 for changeset 15bf34c93874
robertwb authored
41 15bf34c9387444e262acb1de594405444dd571a4 0.14
eb80187 @scoder Added tag 0.17.beta1 for changeset 5320ddd8c3a6
scoder authored
42 5320ddd8c3a60d00e0513f9f70d6846cd449409b 0.17.beta1
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