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[brain dump]
The "Old Cython Users Guide" is a derivative of the old Pyrex documentation.
It underwent substantial editing by Peter Alexandar
to become the Reference Guide, which is oriented around bullet points
and lists rather than prose. This transition was incomplete.
At nearly the same time, Robert, Dag, and Stefan wrote a tutorial as
part of the SciPy proceedings. It was felt that the content there was
cleaner and more up to date than anything else, and this became the
basis for the "Getting Started" and "Tutorials" sections. However,
it simply doesn't have as much content as the old documentation used to.
Eventually, it seems all of the old users manual could be whittled
down into independent tutorial topics. Much discussion of what we'd
like to see is at
There is currently a huge amount of redundancy, but no one section has
it all.
Also, we should go through the wiki enhancement proposal list
and make sure to transfer the (done) ones into the user manual.
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