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cimport cython
cdef class ControlBlock:
cdef public set children
cdef public set parents
cdef public set positions
cdef public list stats
cdef public dict gen
cdef public set bounded
cdef public dict input
cdef public dict output
# Big integer it bitsets
cdef public object i_input
cdef public object i_output
cdef public object i_gen
cdef public object i_kill
cdef public object i_state
cpdef bint empty(self)
cpdef detach(self)
cpdef add_child(self, block)
cdef class ExitBlock(ControlBlock):
cpdef bint empty(self)
cdef class NameAssignment:
cdef public bint is_arg
cdef public bint is_deletion
cdef public object lhs
cdef public object rhs
cdef public object entry
cdef public object pos
cdef public set refs
cdef public object bit
cdef class AssignmentList:
cdef public object bit
cdef public object mask
cdef public list stats
cdef class ControlFlow:
cdef public set blocks
cdef public set entries
cdef public list loops
cdef public list exceptions
cdef public ControlBlock entry_point
cdef public ExitBlock exit_point
cdef public ControlBlock block
cdef public dict assmts
cpdef newblock(self, parent=*)
cpdef nextblock(self, parent=*)
cpdef bint is_tracked(self, entry)
cpdef mark_position(self, node)
cpdef mark_assignment(self, lhs, rhs, entry)
cpdef mark_argument(self, lhs, rhs, entry)
cpdef mark_deletion(self, node, entry)
cpdef mark_reference(self, node, entry)
cpdef normalize(self)
@cython.locals(offset=object, assmts=AssignmentList,
cpdef initialize(self)
@cython.locals(assmts=AssignmentList, assmt=NameAssignment)
cpdef set map_one(self, istate, entry)
@cython.locals(block=ControlBlock, parent=ControlBlock)
cdef reaching_definitions(self)
cdef class Uninitialized:
@cython.locals(dirty=bint, block=ControlBlock, parent=ControlBlock)
cdef check_definitions(ControlFlow flow, dict compiler_directives)
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