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This module deals with interpreting the parse tree as Python
would have done, in the compiler.
For now this only covers parse tree to value conversion of
compile-time values.
from Nodes import *
from ExprNodes import *
from Errors import CompileError
class EmptyScope(object):
def lookup(self, name):
return None
empty_scope = EmptyScope()
def interpret_compiletime_options(optlist, optdict, type_env=None, type_args=()):
Tries to interpret a list of compile time option nodes.
The result will be a tuple (optlist, optdict) but where
all expression nodes have been interpreted. The result is
in the form of tuples (value, pos).
optlist is a list of nodes, while optdict is a DictNode (the
result optdict is a dict)
If type_env is set, all type nodes will be analysed and the resulting
type set. Otherwise only interpretateable ExprNodes
are allowed, other nodes raises errors.
A CompileError will be raised if there are problems.
def interpret(node, ix):
if ix in type_args:
if type_env:
type = node.analyse_as_type(type_env)
if not type:
raise CompileError(node.pos, "Invalid type.")
return (type, node.pos)
raise CompileError(node.pos, "Type not allowed here.")
if (sys.version_info[0] >=3 and
isinstance(node, StringNode) and
node.unicode_value is not None):
return (node.unicode_value, node.pos)
return (node.compile_time_value(empty_scope), node.pos)
if optlist:
optlist = [interpret(x, ix) for ix, x in enumerate(optlist)]
if optdict:
assert isinstance(optdict, DictNode)
new_optdict = {}
for item in optdict.key_value_pairs:
new_key, dummy = interpret(item.key, None)
new_optdict[new_key] = interpret(item.value, item.key.value)
optdict = new_optdict
return (optlist, new_optdict)
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