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# mode: error
cdef const object o
# TODO: This requires making the assignment at declaration time.
# (We could fake this case by dropping the const here in the C code,
# as it's not needed for agreeing with external libraries.
cdef const int x = 10
cdef struct S:
int member
cdef func(const int a, const int* b, const (int*) c, const S s):
a = 10
c = NULL
b[0] = 100
s.member = 1000
_ERRORS = """
3:5: Const base type cannot be a Python object
8:5: Assignment to const 'x'
14:6: Assignment to const 'a'
15:6: Assignment to const 'c'
16:5: Assignment to const dereference
17:5: Assignment to const attribute 'member'
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