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from Cython.Compiler.Visitor import VisitorTransform
from Cython.Compiler.Nodes import StatListNode
class ExtractPxdCode(VisitorTransform):
Finds nodes in a pxd file that should generate code, and
returns them in a StatListNode.
The result is a tuple (StatListNode, ModuleScope), i.e.
everything that is needed from the pxd after it is processed.
A purer approach would be to seperately compile the pxd code,
but the result would have to be slightly more sophisticated
than pure strings (functions + wanted interned strings +
wanted utility code + wanted cached objects) so for now this
approach is taken.
def __call__(self, root):
self.funcs = []
return (StatListNode(root.pos, stats=self.funcs), root.scope)
def visit_FuncDefNode(self, node):
# Do not visit children, nested funcdefnodes will
# also be moved by this action...
return node
def visit_Node(self, node):
return node
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