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# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
Test This is already partly tested by test_libcython_in_gdb and
Lib/test/ in the Python source. These tests are run in gdb and
called from test_libcython_in_gdb.main()
import os
import sys
import gdb
from Cython.Debugger import libcython
from Cython.Debugger import libpython
import test_libcython_in_gdb
from test_libcython_in_gdb import _debug, inferior_python_version
class TestPrettyPrinters(test_libcython_in_gdb.DebugTestCase):
Test whether types of Python objects are correctly inferred and that
the right libpython.PySomeTypeObjectPtr classes are instantiated.
Also test whether values are appropriately formatted (don't be too
laborious as Lib/test/ already covers this extensively).
Don't take care of decreffing newly allocated objects as a new
interpreter is started for every test anyway.
def setUp(self):
super(TestPrettyPrinters, self).setUp()
self.break_and_run('b = c = d = 0')
def get_pyobject(self, code):
value = gdb.parse_and_eval(code)
assert libpython.pointervalue(value) != 0
return value
def pyobject_fromcode(self, code, gdbvar=None):
if gdbvar is not None:
d = {'varname':gdbvar, 'code':code}
gdb.execute('set $%(varname)s = %(code)s' % d)
code = '$' + gdbvar
return libpython.PyObjectPtr.from_pyobject_ptr(self.get_pyobject(code))
def get_repr(self, pyobject):
return pyobject.get_truncated_repr(libpython.MAX_OUTPUT_LEN)
def alloc_bytestring(self, string, gdbvar=None):
if inferior_python_version < (3, 0):
funcname = 'PyString_FromString'
funcname = 'PyBytes_FromString'
assert '"' not in string
# ensure double quotes
code = '(PyObject *) %s("%s")' % (funcname, string)
return self.pyobject_fromcode(code, gdbvar=gdbvar)
def alloc_unicodestring(self, string, gdbvar=None):
self.alloc_bytestring(string.encode('UTF-8'), gdbvar='_temp')
postfix = libpython.get_inferior_unicode_postfix()
funcname = 'PyUnicode%s_FromEncodedObject' % (postfix,)
return self.pyobject_fromcode(
'(PyObject *) %s($_temp, "UTF-8", "strict")' % funcname,
def test_bytestring(self):
bytestring = self.alloc_bytestring("spam")
if inferior_python_version < (3, 0):
bytestring_class = libpython.PyStringObjectPtr
expected = repr("spam")
bytestring_class = libpython.PyBytesObjectPtr
expected = "b'spam'"
self.assertEqual(type(bytestring), bytestring_class)
self.assertEqual(self.get_repr(bytestring), expected)
def test_unicode(self):
unicode_string = self.alloc_unicodestring(u"spam ἄλφα")
expected = "'spam ἄλφα'"
if inferior_python_version < (3, 0):
expected = 'u' + expected
self.assertEqual(type(unicode_string), libpython.PyUnicodeObjectPtr)
self.assertEqual(self.get_repr(unicode_string), expected)
def test_int(self):
if inferior_python_version < (3, 0):
intval = self.pyobject_fromcode('PyInt_FromLong(100)')
self.assertEqual(type(intval), libpython.PyIntObjectPtr)
self.assertEqual(self.get_repr(intval), '100')
def test_long(self):
longval = self.pyobject_fromcode('PyLong_FromLong(200)',
assert gdb.parse_and_eval('$longval->ob_type == &PyLong_Type')
self.assertEqual(type(longval), libpython.PyLongObjectPtr)
self.assertEqual(self.get_repr(longval), '200')
def test_frame_type(self):
frame = self.pyobject_fromcode('PyEval_GetFrame()')
self.assertEqual(type(frame), libpython.PyFrameObjectPtr)
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