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broaden the effect of in-closure def node call inlining

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commit 7538ecd22b969ad624095b2a4b2b2603b0b3037f 1 parent 3257193
@scoder scoder authored
Showing with 4 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +4 −3 Cython/Compiler/
7 Cython/Compiler/
@@ -1649,15 +1649,16 @@ class InlineDefNodeCalls(Visitor.NodeRefCleanupMixin, Visitor.EnvTransform):
visit_Node = Visitor.VisitorTransform.recurse_to_children
def get_constant_value_node(self, name_node):
- if not name_node.cf_state or not name_node.cf_state.is_single:
- # no single assignment in the current scope
+ if name_node.cf_state is None:
+ return None
+ if name_node.cf_state.cf_is_null:
return None
entry = self.current_env().lookup(
if not entry or (not entry.cf_assignments
or len(entry.cf_assignments) != 1):
# not just a single assignment in all closures
return None
- return
+ return entry.cf_assignments[0].rhs
def visit_SimpleCallNode(self, node):
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