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Better cython script for windows

Starting Cython from Windows PowerShell? with <arguments>

yields a new console window with Cython output, which closes immedeately after Cython finished. To get Cython's output one would always have to write something like

python C:\Python25\Scripts\ <arguments>

Therefore, i wrote a simple batch file that does fairly the same as and allows you to start cython simply via

cython <arguments>
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@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+@REM Start cython from windows commandline as "cython", not "".
+@REM This is especially useful for windows power shell, as no extra window
+@REM is used.
+@echo OFF
+python -c "from Cython.Compiler.Main import main; main(command_line = 1)" %*

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