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…t was implemented.
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@@ -1,4 +1,3 @@
== Pyximport ==
Download: pyx-import-1.0.tar.gz
@@ -29,6 +28,9 @@ Pyrex modules like this:
python -c "import foo"
+See help(pyximport.install) to learn its options for controlling the
+default behavior of "import" and "reload".
== Dependency Handling ==
In Pyximport 1.1 it is possible to declare that your module depends on
@@ -59,13 +61,6 @@ supposed to.
== For further thought and discussion ==
-I don't think that Python's "reload" will do anything for changed .SOs
-on some (all?) platforms. It would require some (easy) experimentation
-that I haven't gotten around to. But reload is rarely used in
-applications outside of the Python interactive interpreter and certainly
-not used much for C extension modules. Info about Windows
" install" does not modify for you. Should it?
Modifying Python's "standard interpreter" behaviour may be more than
most people expect of a package they install..
@@ -76,4 +71,3 @@ build directory as per normal for Distutils. If I could wave a magic
wand and get Pyrex or distutils or whoever to put the build directory I
might do it but not necessarily: having it at the top level is VERY
HELPFUL for debugging Pyrex problems.

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