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Commits on Jun 6, 2012
  1. @msabramo
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
  1. @gorakhargosh

    Ignores generated *.elc files in git submodules.

    gorakhargosh committed Mar 20, 2012
    * When cython.git is included as a submodule in an
      Emacs configuration to load cython-mode.el and is
      byte-compiled, it generates an .elc file which causes
      the submodule to appear dirty unnecessarily in the parent
      git repository. Adding this rule will avoid dirty submodules.
    Signed-off-by: Yesudeep Mangalapilly <>
Commits on Nov 19, 2011
  1. @scoder

    added *.o to ignored files

    scoder committed Nov 19, 2011
Commits on Jul 22, 2011
  1. @larsmans

    Add .so files to .gitignore, globally

    larsmans committed Jul 22, 2011
    These might be created in
Commits on May 20, 2011
  1. @dalcinl
Commits on Feb 17, 2011
  1. @dalcinl
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