unique_ptr and allocator combination cause "Unhandled exception at (ntdll.dll) Python.exe: A heap has been corrupted #1592

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paxRomana99 commented Jan 25, 2017 edited

The following code causes a heap corrupted error once the array size grows to a certain point.

import numpy as np
cimport numpy as np
from libcpp.memory cimport unique_ptr, allocator

def testArray1(int dim1):
    cdef allocator[double] dbl_al
    cdef unique_ptr[double] myptr


def testArray2(int dim1, int dim2):
    cdef allocator[double *] ptr_al
    cdef np.ndarray arr
    cdef double[:,:] carr
    cdef unique_ptr[double *] myptr

    arr = np.ndarray((dim1,dim2),dtype=np.float64,order='C')
    carr = arr

    myptr.get()[0] = &carr[0,0]
    myptr.get()[1] = &carr[1,0]
    myptr.get()[2] = &carr[2,0]

Calling testArray1(511) or testArray2(511,1000) works fine. Calling testArray1(512) or testArray2(512,1000) causes a crash with the heap corrupted notification. This was observed for Cython 24.1, Python 3.5.1, VS2015, Windows 7 SP1.

paxRomana99 commented Jan 27, 2017 edited

Looks like it might be a Windows issue. It has been tested on Linux for Python 2.7 with Cython 25.2 and Python 3.5 with Cython 24.1 and neither encountered the issue.

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