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libcpp set definition incomplete for KeyComparator, ValueComparator #3251

GregoryMorse opened this issue Nov 28, 2019 · 0 comments

libcpp set definition incomplete for KeyComparator, ValueComparator #3251

GregoryMorse opened this issue Nov 28, 2019 · 0 comments


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@GregoryMorse GregoryMorse commented Nov 28, 2019

In source file here:

I see no reason the KeyComparator and ValueComparator operations and template parameters omitted.

It means anyone wishing to use these which can be a fairly normal use case, one has to do something like I have done as follows:

from libcpp.utility cimport pair

cdef extern from "<set>" namespace "std" nogil:
    cdef cppclass set[T, KC]:
        ctypedef T value_type
        cppclass iterator:
            T& operator*()
            iterator operator++()
            iterator operator--()
            bint operator==(iterator)
            bint operator!=(iterator)
        cppclass reverse_iterator:
            T& operator*()
            iterator operator++()
            iterator operator--()
            bint operator==(reverse_iterator)
            bint operator!=(reverse_iterator)
        cppclass const_iterator(iterator):
        cppclass const_reverse_iterator(reverse_iterator):
        set() except +
        set(set&) except +
        #set& operator=(set&)
        bint operator==(set&, set&)
        bint operator!=(set&, set&)
        bint operator<(set&, set&)
        bint operator>(set&, set&)
        bint operator<=(set&, set&)
        bint operator>=(set&, set&)
        iterator begin()
        const_iterator const_begin "begin"()
        void clear()
        size_t count(const T&)
        bint empty()
        iterator end()
        const_iterator const_end "end"()
        pair[iterator, iterator] equal_range(const T&)
        #pair[const_iterator, const_iterator] equal_range(T&)
        iterator erase(iterator)
        iterator erase(iterator, iterator)
        size_t erase(T&)
        iterator find(T&)
        const_iterator const_find "find"(T&)
        pair[iterator, bint] insert(const T&) except +
        iterator insert(iterator, const T&) except +
        void insert(iterator, iterator) except +
        #key_compare key_comp()
        iterator lower_bound(T&)
        const_iterator const_lower_bound "lower_bound"(T&)
        size_t max_size()
        reverse_iterator rbegin()
        const_reverse_iterator const_rbegin "rbegin"()
        reverse_iterator rend()
        const_reverse_iterator const_rend "rend"()
        size_t size()
        void swap(set&)
        iterator upper_bound(const T&)
        const_iterator const_upper_bound "upper_bound"(const T&)
        #value_compare value_comp()

ctypedef Node* Node_ptr
ctypedef bool(*node_comp)(const Node_ptr& lhs, const Node_ptr& rhs)
cdef bool node_comparator(const Node_ptr& lhs, const Node_ptr& rhs):
    return <object> < <object>

cdef struct Node:
  set[Node_ptr, node_comp]* children
  bint flag_last
  void* data

cdef Node* construct_node(void* data):
  cdef Node* n
  n = <Node*>PyMem_Malloc(sizeof(Node))
  if not n: raise MemoryError()
  deref(n).children = new set[Node_ptr, node_comp](node_comparator)
  deref(n).flag_last = False
  deref(n).data = data
  return n
cdef void destruct_node(Node* n):
  for x in deref(n.children):
  del n.children

I think there is a way to provide a default template parameter for this and ValueComparator is not needed as its the same. Can this be modified to make it into the standard Cython includes? Or is there something I am missing here for why it is left out?

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