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cython.parallel.threadid unavailable in function arguments #3594

Celelibi opened this issue May 9, 2020 · 6 comments

cython.parallel.threadid unavailable in function arguments #3594

Celelibi opened this issue May 9, 2020 · 6 comments


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Celelibi commented May 9, 2020

It looks like this is a valid cython code.

from cython import parallel
x = parallel.threadid()

But this is not.

from cython import parallel

This might be just a symptom of a larger issue. Many things are not possible with the cython module when compiled with cython, compared to when run with python. Like accessing its module object.

import cython
x = cython
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da-woods commented May 9, 2020

print(parallel.threadid()) looks like a bug.

Not being able to assign the cython module isn't. The Cython module isn't really a proper module, should really only be cimported (a compile-time action), and doesn't have an actual module object associated with it. It can be imported so it's possible to write pure-Python code with optional Cython features.

If you were able to assign the cython module then people would do things like:

import cython

if something():
     x = cython
     class Dummy:
         def cclass(self, var):
             return var
    x = Dummy()

class C:

Suddenly you've made the choice of whether C is a cdef or regular class a runtime decision rather than a compile-time decision...

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scoder commented May 10, 2020

Cython explicitly tracks usage of its own special "modules" in the InterpretCompilerDirectives AST transformation in PR welcome that adds support for this.

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Contributor Author

Suddenly you've made the choice of whether C is a cdef or regular class a runtime decision rather than a compile-time decision...

That's true.
However, I wonder if that's the right way to go about it as there are more ways to try to trick the compiler. Like having an intermediate decorator calling cython.cclass. I guess Cython could benefit from having an explicit notion of "compile-time executable" code.

Cython explicitly tracks usage of its own special "modules" in the InterpretCompilerDirectives AST transformation in PR welcome that adds support for this.

I gave it a go. I think the method ParallelRangeTransform.visit_CallNode lacks a call to self.visitchildren(node) in order to visit the functions arguments and not just the function name.

def visit_CallNode(self, node):
if not self.parallel_directive:
return node

But when I changed self.visit(node.function) to a self.visitchildren(node), then the compiler crash much later because parallelRangeNode doesn't have a method analyse_types. I guess the traversal shouldn't recurse into the argument of a prange.
When add a call to visitchildren only when the node is not a parallel directive, then some tests fail unexplicably. And I already spent way too much time trying to reproduce the issue outside of without any success.
I give up.

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@Celelibi As far as I can tell your "add a call to visitchildren only when the node is not a parallel directive" seems to work fine. Thanks for the pointer on what needed changing - I'm not sure why it wasn't working for you.

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Contributor Author

@da-woods, for what it's worth, here's the log of for on the tests "parallel" on your PR.

$ python3 ./ -vv --no-cpp parallel
Python 3.8.3rc1 (default, Apr 30 2020, 07:33:30) 
[GCC 9.3.0]

Running tests against Cython 3.0a3 879af4af720e18ad0546102cc4b9160e828a0999
Using Cython language level 2.
Backends: c

runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) parallel_compile_float_rank ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) e_cython_parallel ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonRunTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) and running numpy_parallel ... test_parallel_numpy_arrays (numpy_parallel)
Doctest: numpy_parallel.test_parallel_numpy_arrays ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonRunTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) and running parallel ... 
#### 2020-05-14 13:09:33.803802
outer_parallel_section (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.outer_parallel_section ... ok
parallel_exc_replace (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.parallel_exc_replace ... ok
parallel_exceptions2 (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.parallel_exceptions2 ... ok
test_chunksize (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_chunksize ... FAIL
test_clean_temps (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_clean_temps ... ok
test_closure_parallel_privates (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_closure_parallel_privates ... ok
test_closure_parallel_with_gil (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_closure_parallel_with_gil ... ok
test_descending_prange (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_descending_prange ... ok
test_else_clause (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_else_clause ... ok
test_inner_private (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_inner_private ... ok
test_nan_init (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_nan_init ... ok
test_nested_break_continue (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_nested_break_continue ... ok
test_nogil_cdef_except_clause (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_nogil_cdef_except_clause ... ok
test_num_threads (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_num_threads ... ok
test_parallel (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel ... ok
test_parallel_exc_cdef (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_exc_cdef ... ok
test_parallel_exc_cpdef (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_exc_cpdef ... ok
test_parallel_exc_nogil_swallow (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_exc_nogil_swallow ... ok
test_parallel_exceptions (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_exceptions ... ok
test_parallel_exceptions_unnested (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_exceptions_unnested ... ok
test_parallel_with_gil_continue_unnested (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_with_gil_continue_unnested ... ok
test_parallel_with_gil_return (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_parallel_with_gil_return ... ok
test_pointer_temps (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_pointer_temps ... ok
test_prange (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange ... FAIL
test_prange_break (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange_break ... ok
test_prange_continue (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange_continue ... ok
test_prange_in_with (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange_in_with ... ok
test_prange_matches_range (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange_matches_range ... ok
test_propagation (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_propagation ... ok
test_pure_mode (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_pure_mode ... ok
test_reassign_start_stop_step (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_reassign_start_stop_step ... ok
test_return (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_return ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonRunTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) and running parallel_swap_assign_T425 ... swap (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap ... ok
swap5 (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap5 ... ok
swap_attr_values (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap_attr_values ... ok
swap_cmp5 (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap_cmp5 ... ok
swap_list_items (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap_list_items ... ok
swap_py (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap_py ... ok
swap_recursive_attr_values (parallel_swap_assign_T425)
Doctest: parallel_swap_assign_T425.swap_recursive_attr_values ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonRunTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) and running pure_parallel ... prange_regression (pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_parallel.prange_regression ... ok
prange_with_gil (pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_parallel.prange_with_gil ... ok
prange_with_gil_call_nogil (pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_parallel.prange_with_gil_call_nogil ... ok
run (__main__.PureDoctestTestCase)
running pure doctests in pure_parallel ... prange_regression (pure_doctest__pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_doctest__pure_parallel.prange_regression ... ok
prange_with_gil (pure_doctest__pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_doctest__pure_parallel.prange_with_gil ... ok
prange_with_gil_call_nogil (pure_doctest__pure_parallel)
Doctest: pure_doctest__pure_parallel.prange_with_gil_call_nogil ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonRunTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) and running sequential_parallel ... 
#### 2020-05-14 13:09:43.883730

=== C/C++ compiler error output: ===
sequential_parallel.c: In function ‘__pyx_pf_19sequential_parallel_58test_chunksize’:
sequential_parallel.c:17361:7: warning: variable ‘__pyx_t_3’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
17361 |   int __pyx_t_3;
      |       ^~~~~~~~~
sequential_parallel.c: In function ‘__pyx_pf_19sequential_parallel_68test_inner_private’:
sequential_parallel.c:19519:7: warning: variable ‘__pyx_t_4’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
19519 |   int __pyx_t_4;
      |       ^~~~~~~~~
outer_parallel_section (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.outer_parallel_section ... ok
parallel_exc_replace (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.parallel_exc_replace ... ok
parallel_exceptions2 (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.parallel_exceptions2 ... ok
test_chunksize (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_chunksize ... ok
test_clean_temps (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_clean_temps ... ok
test_closure_parallel_privates (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_closure_parallel_privates ... ok
test_closure_parallel_with_gil (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_closure_parallel_with_gil ... ok
test_descending_prange (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_descending_prange ... ok
test_else_clause (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_else_clause ... ok
test_inner_private (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_inner_private ... ok
test_nan_init (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_nan_init ... ok
test_nested_break_continue (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_nested_break_continue ... ok
test_nogil_cdef_except_clause (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_nogil_cdef_except_clause ... ok
test_parallel_exc_cdef (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_exc_cdef ... ok
test_parallel_exc_cpdef (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_exc_cpdef ... ok
test_parallel_exc_nogil_swallow (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_exc_nogil_swallow ... ok
test_parallel_exceptions (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_exceptions ... ok
test_parallel_exceptions_unnested (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_exceptions_unnested ... ok
test_parallel_with_gil_continue_unnested (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_with_gil_continue_unnested ... ok
test_parallel_with_gil_return (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_parallel_with_gil_return ... ok
test_pointer_temps (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_pointer_temps ... ok
test_prange (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_prange ... ok
test_prange_break (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_prange_break ... ok
test_prange_continue (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_prange_continue ... ok
test_prange_in_with (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_prange_in_with ... ok
test_prange_matches_range (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_prange_matches_range ... ok
test_propagation (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_propagation ... ok
test_pure_mode (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_pure_mode ... ok
test_reassign_start_stop_step (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_reassign_start_stop_step ... ok
test_return (sequential_parallel)
Doctest: sequential_parallel.test_return ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) breaking_loop ... 
=== C/C++ compiler error output: ===
breaking_loop.c:1418:12: warning: ‘__pyx_f_13breaking_loop_func’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function]
 1418 | static int __pyx_f_13breaking_loop_func(CYTHON_UNUSED Py_ssize_t __pyx_v_n) {
      |            ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) cimport_openmp ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) setup ... ok
runTest (__main__.CythonCompileTestCase)
compiling (c/cy2) simple_sum ... ok

FAIL: test_chunksize (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_chunksize
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 2204, in runTest
    raise self.failureException(self.format_failure(new.getvalue()))
AssertionError: Failed doctest test for parallel.test_chunksize
  File "/home/celelibi/code/cython/TEST_TMP/run/c/parallel/", line unknown line number, in test_chunksize

File "/home/celelibi/code/cython/TEST_TMP/run/c/parallel/", line ?, in parallel.test_chunksize
Failed example:

FAIL: test_prange (parallel)
Doctest: parallel.test_prange
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/", line 2204, in runTest
    raise self.failureException(self.format_failure(new.getvalue()))
AssertionError: Failed doctest test for parallel.test_prange
  File "/home/celelibi/code/cython/TEST_TMP/run/c/parallel/", line unknown line number, in test_prange

File "/home/celelibi/code/cython/TEST_TMP/run/c/parallel/", line ?, in parallel.test_prange
Failed example:
    (9, 9, 45, 45)
    (9, 9, 360, 45)

Ran 88 tests in 25.571s

FAILED (failures=2)
compile-c   :    19.37 sec  (  10,  1.937 / run) - slowest: 'c:parallel' (7.26s), 'c:sequential_parallel' (6.91s), 'c:parallel_swap_assign_T425' (2.02s), 'c:pure_parallel' (1.14s), 'c:numpy_parallel' (0.87s), 'c:setup' (0.32s), 'c:parallel_compile_float_rank' (0.23s), 'c:simple_sum' (0.21s)
cython      :     5.46 sec  (  11,  0.497 / run) - slowest: 'c:parallel' (1.72s), 'c:sequential_parallel' (1.64s), 'c:e_cython_parallel' (1.05s), 'c:parallel_compile_float_rank' (0.39s), 'c:numpy_parallel' (0.35s), 'c:parallel_swap_assign_T425' (0.17s), 'c:pure_parallel' (0.07s), 'c:cimport_openmp' (0.02s)
import      :     0.00 sec  (   5,  0.001 / run) - slowest: 'c:parallel' (0.00s), 'c:sequential_parallel' (0.00s), 'c:numpy_parallel' (0.00s), 'c:parallel_swap_assign_T425' (0.00s), 'c:pure_parallel' (0.00s)
pyimport    :     0.00 sec  (   1,  0.000 / run) - slowest: 'py:pure_parallel' (0.00s)
pyrun       :     0.00 sec  (   1,  0.001 / run) - slowest: 'py:pure_parallel' (0.00s)
run         :     0.33 sec  (   5,  0.066 / run) - slowest: 'c:parallel' (0.32s), 'c:sequential_parallel' (0.01s), 'c:numpy_parallel' (0.00s), 'c:parallel_swap_assign_T425' (0.00s), 'c:pure_parallel' (0.00s)

The test failure doesn't depend on the C or C++ backend, doesn't depend on the compiler optimizations, doesn't depend on the version of python that runs

I know the tests passed on travis, but I would suggest not to dismiss this issue right away as it might be the symptom of a race condition.

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Thanks for the output. I'm quite puzzled by it though. When I compare the .c file from tests/run/parallel.pyx (i.e. the two tests that are failing) with and without my PR the only differences are due to the extra test I added. If I revert the extra test I added then diff tells me that they're identical.

So I don't know I'm afraid... I guess the PR should be treated with caution because of what you say but I really don't understand where the differences could be coming from.

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