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Embedding Cython

Typically Cython is used to create extension modules for use from Python programs. It is, however, possible to write a standalone programs in Cython. This is done via embedding the Python interpreter with the --embed option.


  • See also this email thread, and also more embedding discussion here and a script to "freeze" Cython modules (like Python freeze).
  • This page is derived from David McNab's idea for embedding Pyrex. The concepts there have been implemented in the --embed flag for Cython.


This has been implemented--simply run cython with the --embed option and a .c file with a main method is created which sets its module name to __main__ (just as for normal executable Python scripts). Compile the .c file and link it against the Python library. Starting the resulting binary will then execute the module code.

A complete demo can be found at at https://github.com/cython/cython/tree/master/Demos/embed.