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Installing Cython


Last update: 2009-08-09

Getting a scientific Python distribution will often include a working Cython out of the box:
  • Sage (Sage 4.1.1 (available in source form as of this writing) includes Cython 0.11.2)
  • Python(x,y) Works on Windows too, contains Cython 0.11.2

Ubuntu 9.4 contains Cython 0.10.

Manual installation

(On Ubuntu, make sure to first uninstall the cython package, which takes precedence.)

  1. Download latest release from and untar or unzip it
  2. Run (as superuser or similar) python install
In addition, a C compiler and the necesarry Python development environment are needed:
  • Ubuntu/Debian: sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential (untested, please report back if more packages are needed here)
  • Mac OS X: Install XCode (usually bundled with the Mac OS X installation disks)
  • Windows: See InstallingOnWindows.
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