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ReleaseNotes 0.14.1

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Cython 0.14.1

The Cython project is happy to announce the release of Cython 0.14.1. This release is primarily a bug fix release.

New Features

  • The gdb debugging support was extended to include all major Cython features, including closures.
  • raise MemoryError() is now safe to use as Cython replaces it with the correct C-API call.

General improvements and bug fixes

The bug tracker has a list of the major improvements and fixes

Incompatible changes

  • Decorators on special methods of cdef classes now raise a compile time error rather than being ignored.
  • In Python 3 language level mode (-3 option), the 'str' type is now mapped to 'unicode', so that cdef str s declares a Unicode string even when running in Python 2.


Many people contributed to this release, including:

  • Stefan Behnel
  • Alexey Borzenkov
  • Robert Bradshaw
  • Lisandro Dalcin
  • Mark Florisson
    1. Trevor King
  • Vitja Makarov

A special thanks also to the many people who did testing and contributed useful bug reports.


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