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ReleaseNotes 0.18

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Cython 0.18

The bug tracker has a list of the major improvements.


  • Named Unicode escapes ("\N{...}") are supported.
  • Python functions/classes provide the special attribute "__qualname__" as defined by PEP 3155.
  • Added a directive overflowcheck which raises an OverflowException when arithmetic with C ints overflow. This has a modest performance penalty, but is much faster than using Python ints.
  • Calls to nested Python functions are resolved at compile time.
  • Type inference works across nested functions.
  • py_bytes_string.decode(...) is optimised.
  • C const declarations are supported in the language.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Automatic C++ exception mapping didn't work in nogil functions (only in "with nogil" blocks).


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