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@robertwb robertwb Updated Unsupported (rest) Apr 20, 2016 b6217e5
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements inherit_CPP_classes (markdown) Apr 5, 2016 cd2a85f
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements inherit_CPP_classes (markdown) Apr 5, 2016 606076e
@charleswhchan charleswhchan Fix case Mar 29, 2016 c53108d
@glenflet glenflet Created enchancements inherit_CPP_classes (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 537f38e
@glenflet glenflet Destroyed enchancements inherit CPP classes (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 79e3767
@glenflet glenflet Updated enhancements (rest) Mar 23, 2016 f225c7f
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements inherit C classes (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 db1ef54
@glenflet glenflet Created enchancements inherit C++ classes (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 986bdb0
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements metadefintions (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 16f594b
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements metadefintions (markdown) Mar 23, 2016 4cb9b8d
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Fix sentences placement Mar 19, 2016 cb8cda3
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Fix formatting again Mar 19, 2016 7f16eae
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Fix formatting Mar 19, 2016 548c42e
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Add a note about "Common tools for Visual C++" option, courtesy of Mike Dandelo Mar 19, 2016 9d87d68
@manzilzaheer manzilzaheer Created attachment:python27.def (markdown) Mar 12, 2016 f871217
@mindflayer mindflayer Typo. Feb 27, 2016 79e7ea7
@Karkus476 Karkus476 We'd -> we (we had or we would are non-sensical omissions here) Feb 3, 2016 34efe95
@0joshuaolson1 0joshuaolson1 Destroyed attachment:python27.def (markdown) Feb 1, 2016 3f24a79
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Updated for Python 3.5 Dec 2, 2015 7ba0ddd
@henningpeters henningpeters Updated projects (rest) Dec 1, 2015 49b0f5c
@HouBiaoLiu HouBiaoLiu Created attachment:python27.def (markdown) Nov 3, 2015 9511463
@lrq3000 lrq3000 Fix code snippet mistake Oct 28, 2015 c678cbf
@sramsay64 sramsay64 put "--embed" in a code block Oct 26, 2015 7d0f6de
@david-cliqz david-cliqz Fixed xdress link Oct 21, 2015 5e68df7
@wjakob wjakob fixed newlines Oct 19, 2015 32a3e96
@wjakob wjakob Added pybind11 binding generator to list Oct 19, 2015 ec808ec
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements metadefintions (markdown) Sep 10, 2015 e09785e
@tritium21 tritium21 And when Visual Studio 2015 and python 3.5 are both final... can add that too. Sep 2, 2015 9cdbc3f
@glenflet glenflet Updated enchancements metadefintions (markdown) Aug 14, 2015 df5697a
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